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I’m in DC for a meeting, and I am riding the metro downtown for some important meetings that will go on late into the afternoon. I constantly check the battery indicator on my Android phone noticing that it is quickly depleting. I pull from my laptop bag one of those small battery charging backs that I bought at a local department store hoping to get a few more hours of battery, but it is not to be. Throughout the day, I watch my coworker attach his phone to a brick and he never runs out of battery. Of course, I have to ask him what that contraption is. The brick he had was not this imuto, but it is what turned me onto it.

Introducing the imuto 20,000mAh battery bank:
iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact External Battery Power Pack Power Bank with Smart LED Digital Display and Smart Charge for iPhone 7 6 6S Plus, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Nintendo Switch NS and More


As you can see, this is not something the average lady is going to toss in her purse on the way out the door. It is large. It is somewhere close to the size of an iPhone 6/7 Plus and about 5X as thick. The packaging is nice. It shows the capacity of the device and some of the features. I do like that the unit can charge two devices at once. Both USB ports are 2.1A, and the product claims:

[It can] charge iPhone 6 almost 8 times, iPad Air almost 1.7 times, Galaxy S6 almost 5.7 times, For New Macbook, please buy another USB to Type-c Cable, X4 can charge New Macbook almost 1.2 times.

I have to admit, I have charged my iPhone 6 Plus, and now my 7 Plus, multiple times when this pack was low on charge, so I believe the numbers they are throwing out. This thing really does pack quite a punch. The price point for this little gadget is also perfect, in my opinion, coming in at $30.00 on Amazon.

Fair warning to those of you who are researching these battery packs. If you buy one of the smaller models available in the department stores, you will not see this many mAh offered by most of those devices. I typically see no larger than 10,000mAh banks at most stores. Trust me, this is a worthwhile investment for the frequent traveler/commuter. This was a great purchase for myself, as you can see after 4 purchases. I recommend you pick one up for yourself and maybe another for that special someone.



P.S. – It comes with this nifty little pouch that holds the unit and the charging cord. The pouch is actually very durable. Enjoy.

Added video from later YouTube review:

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