SleepyHead CPAP Monitoring Software

SleepyHead CPAP monitoring software was recommended to me through the CPAPTalk forums a few years ago.  For those who have the right brands of CPAP machines, this software can open a whole new world of understanding of your quality of sleep.  I have horrible sleep apnea, and it has been affecting my sleep for years.  Just recently, I purchased a new mask based on feedback from the SleepyHead software and members of the CPAPTalk forum.  I would recommend that anyone dealing with this type of issue, first visit the SleepyHead download site and see if your machine fits the requirements and then get it installed and begin tracking your sleep.  Then I would suggest that you share that information with the community over at for some assistance in interpreting the results.  You might learn some things that help you make some much needed changes like I did that could have great impact on your daily well-being and overall health.

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