Recommended Reading: Disturbing YouTube Videos Targeting Children

The article below is just another sobering reminder of the responsibility we have as parents in a time when there are so many negative avenues for our children to pursue, and many times without their own knowledge.  I am a parent of 4 children and 3 of them are boys, so I understand how much boys enjoy a little bathroom humor or snicker when they hear certain words.  Sometimes, I have been known to snicker with them when it is something slightly more innocent.  However, I do not like the idea of covertly gaining children’s’ attention to videos that are not suitable for them.  While I like the idea of “freedom of expression”, I also think it is well within my rights as a parent to look for these types of behaviors on the Internet and request that sites remove them.  They don’t have to do what I ask, but if enough parents make noise, they will feel pressure.  I am not an advocate of boycotting any organization or site, because quite honestly, boycotting just doesn’t work.  The numbers are never in your favor and you look silly in the end.

Parents, please pay attention to what your children are watching.  Just because it may look safe, doesn’t mean that it is.  The YouTube videos spoken of in the video below are made to look exactly like those you are comfortable with your children watching, they even contain character that are almost exact representations of the characters you trust with your children. I guess we can never be too safe when it comes to the minds of our kids.  All good parents want to see their children grow up in an environment that is healthy for them in all ways, especially in the early developmental years.  Let your voice be the loudest and do your part to protect your children.

Original Article: BBC News article about disturbing YouTube videos