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I wanted to take a moment again and thank everyone for your support of Geekz.  We have grown tremendously over the last couple of months.  I am stoked about the possibilities and the future discussions that will take place here, and separately on our social media accounts.  Please take time and like Geekz on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ if you use any of those sources.  Also, share our URL to your circle of friends.  We need more people like you.  I also would love to get some feedback from you on the types of stories you would like to see on Geekz.

I have been trying to share some personal anecdotes along with some deeper articles to get everyone’s interest up.  If there is a topic I am missing that really interests you, I need to know.  I am also looking for others who are willing to help create content.  Everyone is able to post and reply in the forums, but I also extend the offer to have some of you post some articles for us.  Visit our home page and click on the link at the top left to submit an article for review.

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