Robots Stealing Jobs

I am so tired of hearing about how the robots, or artificial intelligence, are going to steal away jobs.  I cannot believe the absurdity of taxing a robot.  People need to chill out and remember that technology advancements have always taken jobs from skilled workers and this is not a new thing.  What we have to do now is what we have always eventually done…evolve.  I have been reviewing Twitter this morning and I see a lot of commenting on Bill Gates and others who have been involved in this conversation of late.  I will never understand why people use valuable time and energy whining about the future of their job instead of investigating possible future paths or opportunities that will come about.  No, you may not work on the assembly line anymore, but you might repair the robots that work on the assembly line.  How about starting a company to service robotics, write code for robots or AI, or even discover ways to help factories fit themselves for the eventual replacement of human workers.  The truth of the matter is that there is always work to do.

I think what seems to be frustrating people the most is not that they fear not having a job, but they fear leaving a place of comfort.  They know their current work and they are comfortable with it.  More people need to learn to become uncomfortable and to stay in a state of flux. You should always be learning and looking for ways to make your particular skill necessary for employers.  When there are no employers looking for your skill set, then more people should take the steps to start something new.  There are so many entrepreneurs, but their ideas rise an fall.  There is always a place for a new player and competition is the life blood of the economy, at least in a capitalistic society.  What are people doing to better their skill sets and train outside of their normal functions?  If you are not evolving, then you will be replaced.  If you evolve, you simply shift as technology advances.

Those who work in information technology learned this lesson a long time ago.  If you are not learning, you are getting left behind.  This is a more difficult lesson for those outside of technology, because it means that everyone must become technical in some sense.  Every job does, or will, require technical skills.  This is more true every day.  There are better ways to make money than taxes, and we should be looking for those opportunities.  Do you feel like you are in a dead-end job that will eventually be replaced with a non-human workforce?  What are you going to do to change the course of your future?  This is your problem to resolve, not a problem that government or regulation can solve for you.  Be flexible and be eager to change.