Graphics Chip Manufacturer Takes A Hit From Apple

This article was printed around the first of this month and I never noticed it, although I am sure that many are aware.  What struck me as interesting in this article is the amount of reliance Imagination had in Apple.  I understand that if a mass-producer of consumer electronics settles on your product, you become somewhat beholden on them from that point on.  I did see that Imagination attempted to focus outside of Apple to hedge themselves against an action like this becoming so devastating to them, however, that clearly did not pan out.

Imagination’s shares rose sharply between 2009 and 2012 as sales of smartphones boomed and Apple and Intel bought stakes. The company was valued at more than 2 billion pounds ($2.5 billion) in April 2012.

It struggled, however, to reduce its reliance on Apple, and has faced increased competition from the likes of chipmaker Qualcomm and British rival ARM, which developed its own graphics to complement its core processor blueprints.


Apple will stop using Imagination’s graphics technology, shares drop 70%