Tales From the Crypt: Flying Bags of Silicone

At one time, I used to work for a medical billing company providing tech services.  I was one of the engineers who built the custom servers that our software ran on and I also provided support to any equipment customers owned and had a support agreement on, which was basically everything in the office.  Most of the customers that I frequented were primary care physicians and pediatricians, but we also had a number of urologists and other practices as well.  We pretty much had all of the insurance billing business in our state because we were the first to work out live feeds to Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which replaced the daily batch filing that was done previously.  Every customer was different, but some were more unique than others.

On one occasion, I was asked by a coworker to ride along and assist with an install a few hours away.  I had never been to see this customer, but I had heard he was quite the prankster.  My coworker was telling me about the office on the ride down, and explained that the office was for a plastic surgeon.  I had never been in  a plastic surgeon’s office before.  When we arrived, my partner sat in a chair and chilled while I repaired the broken server which we had been called in for and installed some equipment we brought with us.  While I am under a counter installing a workstation, I suddenly hear a loud thump over my head.  I lifted my head above the counter, but I didn’t see anything.  I asked my partner if he had dropped something.  He acted like he knew nothing.  As soon as I dip below the counter again, something flies over my head and lands on the floor next to me.  I look down and see a rather large silicone breast implant.  I turn around to see where it is coming from and I see one of the nurses belly laughing.  I thought this was a little inappropriate, but I had heard stories about this place.

After a few more implants had been thrown, and the work I had come to do was completed, the doctor comes out with a big grin on his face.  He had been standing around the corner throwing implants at me whenever I looked away.  I said, “Don’t you have patients to see or something”?  He replied, “Yes, but this is a lot more fun.  Help me pick up the breasts and put them back in the box”.  I have had some weird experiences in my IT career, but this one ranks pretty high up.  The doctor had serious issues with workplace conduct, but everyone in the office appeared to accept it.  Truth is, if any of them had been frustrated, they probably would have feared saying anything.  That is how most of these people get away with this kind of activity in an office.  Employees are afraid to say anything and fear retaliation.  Have you had any crazy experiences like this in your career?  Share your experiences in the comments below.