This Is Why We Do It

​​​We all have things we enjoy and some of us invest some time and resources into hobbies of one sort or another. For my family, we enjoy martial arts. We train together as a family, and everyone except dad competes in regional and national tournaments. Spending a lot of time on the work with my job could be an issue, but I spend more time training and traveling with my kids than most dads do because of home school and martial arts. 

This weekend, the family traveled to Madisonville, Kentucky to participate in the East West Karate Challenge. We got some first places, seconds, and thirds. Everyone had a blast and we got to meet up with some of our karate friends that we are all over the states at various tournaments. I understand that not everyone is married with kids, or has kids, but I work to support moments like these. Pushing my children to be their best, spending time with them, teaching them how to lose with integrity and win with humility. 

I work in a role that I enjoy. I am in a field that I love and it keeps me gainfully employed. The reason I do it, though, is because it provides me the resources to enjoy life with my family. I hope you and your family have something that keeps you together. I would encourage you to try martial arts as a family due to the myriad of benefits it provides. Feel free to reach out to me for additional conversation on the subject. Use the comments below to share your thoughts. 

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