HTML5 Isn’t Replacing Flash Fast Enough

I recognize that there were many security issues with Flash and that it was not very stable, but I am occasionally encountering sites which still require Flash.  Most of them are multimedia or streaming sites which were built on Adobe’s Flash technology and will require some heavy lifting to convert over to HTML5.  This was critical for sites like YouTube, which began early implementing HTML5 and offered a preview of the HTML5 version before the official swap.  This is not an Adobe issue, or an Apple issue, but it is frustrating not to be able to use sites which require Flash.  The issue is with web standards and how long the implementation takes for sites, especially the smaller ones with less capital to make the required changes.

I recognize that it does no good to complain, but that has never stopped me before.  I want to see people accept standards more quickly so that the web is a more open community where we can all experience the available content without worrying about which device or browser we are currently using.

Author: Phil

Phil Williams is an engineer with around 20 years of information technology industry experience with past focus areas in security, performance, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Phil is a husband, father of 6 children, and an avid geek who loves building computers, gaming, and gadgets. He has an undergraduate degree in general IT sciences and has worked with the US Government as a contractor for over 20 years. He is now in a security solutions advisory role for a large vendor supporting commercial and enterprise customers.

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