This article from ZDNet goes into a lot of detail surrounding events over the last couple of years where IOT devices have been used for many nefarious purposes. Many people see IOT as a thing of the future. If their refrigerator is not connected to the Internet, then surely they are not using IOT devices. However, it is important to see all Internet-connected devices as IOT devices.  After all, to be IOT, you only need to be a device connected to the Internet, in the most basic use of the word. Are you using baby cameras that use WIFI? Hackers can most likely gain access to those cameras. The article below has 16 short pages of examples where cameras, WIFI routers, and other internet-connected devices have been used as parts of a bot-net to bring down sites and take other malicious actions. 

Here are a couple of things you need to know to protect yourself and your home:

1) Know that if have an Internet connection, you have risk

2) Turn off any Plug-n-Play features of your home router or firewall

3) Make sure you have a firewall to protect your internal devices. Even if you don’t care if someone hacks into something you own, the rest of us would rather not have your pwn’d device spamming our firewalls all day long

4) Get educated about network security, which is even important for average home users

5) The Internet is a shared resource and a community. Help keep it clean and more enjoyable for everyone


Author: Phil

Phil Williams is an engineer with around 20 years of information technology industry experience with past focus areas in security, performance, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Phil is a husband, father of 6 children, and an avid geek who loves building computers, gaming, and gadgets. He has an undergraduate degree in general IT sciences and has worked with the US Government as a contractor for over 20 years. He is now in a security solutions advisory role for a large vendor supporting commercial and enterprise customers.

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