Two-factor security is so broken, now hackers can drain bank accounts | ZDNet

Thank you, ZDNet, for bringing this article to my attention. It appears that this flaw has existed for some time, regardless of the fact that many banks and other services still use cellular networks to provide two-factor authentication codes. I would advise that you speak to your financial institution to see what their plans are if they are still using this flawed system.  It turns out, that my credit union is using this system, which I thought was secure.  Look for services that offer end-to-end encryption for these authentication requests, or services that offer apps which provide software tokens. When it comes to your finances, you can never be too careful. 


Author: Phil

Phil Williams is an engineer with around 20 years of information technology industry experience with past focus areas in security, performance, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Phil is a husband, father of 6 children, and an avid geek who loves building computers, gaming, and gadgets. He has an undergraduate degree in general IT sciences and has worked with the US Government as a contractor for over 20 years. He is now in a security solutions advisory role for a large vendor supporting commercial and enterprise customers.

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