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Please take time to read the article below.  It is interesting how we think of computers touching every part of our lives, but we often forget that there is a computer in our car that is constantly tuning our engine.  Now, cars even offer entertainment and navigation systems that would rival the desktop computers of yesterday. So, what is our next ask of the auto manufacturers.  As a geek, I would love to see more computing power in the actual hands of the driver and passengers.  Personally, I would love it if I could play games online while riding in the car, even if it was over a pitiful cell connection.  It would also be nice to work in the car without having to pull out a laptop.  With heads up displays, we should easily be able to offer computer screens within the car for users.

At the very least, I would like to see manufacturers make the use of laptops easier.  None of today’s vehicles are designed to offer the power outlets and audio connections that would be beneficial, and most do not offer seating and interior that is conducive to using electronics such as laptops.  Most often, there is no room to really pull out a device that size during travel.  As the computer age progresses, I look forward to the innovations that will come to the auto industry.  What are your thoughts?  Do you think personal computing belongs in the auto?  What would you like to see in the cars of tomorrow from a computing perspective?


Author: Phil

Phil Williams is an engineer with around 20 years of information technology industry experience with past focus areas in security, performance, and compliance monitoring and reporting. Phil is a husband, father of 6 children, and an avid geek who loves building computers, gaming, and gadgets. He has an undergraduate degree in general IT sciences and has worked with the US Government as a contractor for over 20 years. He is now in a security solutions advisory role for a large vendor supporting commercial and enterprise customers.

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