The Time Machine


While playing a PC video game a few days ago, I happened to look out the window from my office into the front yard.  I happened to notice some people walking by with their dog on a leash.  I could not tell who was walking who at the time, but a thought entered my mind at that moment.  It occurred to me that much of my life has passed with the glow of my computer screen reflecting off of my dry eyes as I play, work, and learn.  While these things have been good for my career in IT, they have not been good for me socially, or in regard to my health.  As a younger man, I used to get mad when people would blame social issues on too much gaming or time in front of the television or computer.  While I still think there are people in the world who make it their mission in life to keep kids from having fun, there was some truth in those conversations.  How much time is too much time spent in front of the screen?

As I was pondering these things, I happened to remember the part of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells, where the actor (of course I am referring to the movie) was sitting in the machine watching life fly by.  He saw the changing of the seasons, the chaotic nature of changing fashion trends, and eventually the decay of his surroundings.  If you have never watched the original version or the newer version, which was rebooted in the 2000s, then you should take time to do just that.  I realize that at times in my life, I have been watching life pass me by.  Having a family helps to pull you away from the keyboard often, but still, do we lose something in the time spent with our machines?  Once again, I think some people put too much effort into explaining away the world’s problems due to technology, but there is a bit of truth in almost everything.  I would offer some advice; take time off of your electronics and focus on other passions or spend time with the ones you love.  This doesn’t have to be a daily ritual or even semi-regular, but we should do it and we should remember that there is life outside of our careers and fun times.

I am interested in hearing what my readers think.  I know we all have differing opinions.  I have shared some of mine, but I would like to know what the community at large thinks, and what solutions they might provide as well.  Do you have any special hints to provide to the community regarding time well spent or methods to ensure we separate from our electronics occasionally?  Please do tell.

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