Facebook Exposes Moderator Employee Identities To Suspected Terrorists | TheGuardian

It appears that Facebook made a huge mistake introducing a bug which exposed identities of Facebook moderators to suspected terrorists.

“A bug in the software, discovered late last year, resulted in the personal profiles of content moderators automatically appearing as notifications in the activity log of the Facebook groups, whose administrators were removed from the platform for breaching the terms of service. The personal details of Facebook moderators were then viewable to the remaining admins of the group.”

This affected over 1,000 employees across Facebook.  It gets tricky managing permissions with a user base the size of Facebook’s.  How can you ensure that only the right people see sensitive information and prevent this type of leakage?  This is bad press for the social network, but their resiliency will keep them afloat.  This is certainly not the demise of Facebook in any sense.  We have become so numb to this type of news as of late that it probably will not get the attention it deserves.  However, for these employees who are living in constant fear of retaliation, it is a very big deal.