‘Wonder Woman’ Top Grossing Live-Action Film by Female Director | Variety

“Wonder Woman” set a new milestone on Friday, becoming the highest-grossing live-action film to be directed by a woman.

Source: ‘Wonder Woman’ Top Grossing Live-Action Film by Female Director | Variety

This is an amazing story, but not because the film was directed by a woman. This film has been getting all kinds of attention for various reasons.  Gal Gadot (@galgadot) is certainly going to draw a crowd with her Israeli beauty, and her performance was outstanding in this film.  However, for my family, the real excitement came from a behind-the-scene player.  Stunt woman, and world champion extreme martial artist, Caitlin Dechelle (@caitlindechelle) provided some action-packed scenes and intense moments throughout the movie as the stunt double for Gal.

Over the last several years, our family has been able to get to know Caitlin, first as a martial artist who has benefited my wife and daughter through private lessons for sports karate tournaments.  We have also watched her performances in music videos and other movies.  She is truly an amazing talented individual and a very kind person, just the type of person I can imagine Gal would want to work with on a project like this.  I hear many people in the martial arts community refer to Caitlin as “the Real Wonder Woman”, and while many of us feel that way, Caitlin has been humble as usual and been thankful for her part in the project.

The excitement behind this film for so many reasons was certainly not doused when our family finally made it to see the film last weekend.  We were blown away by the action, beauty, and story of the film.  My daughter is a HUGE Marvel comics fan, and Caitlin might be the only reason Eden would have watched a DC film, although I am eager to see more.  It is exciting to see this movie reach this milestone and I hear more news about the movie almost daily.  This is one of the best movies we have seen as a family in quite some time.

Congratulations to the team, and especially to Patty Jenkins (@pattyjenks).  May she have continued success and show the skills and magic that women can bring to the movie industry in director roles.  I solute all the beautiful women in this movie who made it such a huge success.  I also have to salute one of my favorite actors of late, Chris Pine.  He made the Star Trek movies great and he was a huge part of this movie’s success as well. Congratulations to all. Now get back to work so we can see some more action!

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