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We need you to share the word.  Visit geekzweb.com and share a post or click on our social media pages and like or share.  The site and our following is growing, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to either engage in the community or share us with your circle of influence.  We also need your feedback.  What types of topics would you like to see covered?  We would love to target our audience to our best ability.  We also need people to write some great content for the site.  If you visit the site, you will see a menu option for submitting content.  That content is vetted and what we are really looking for is content that is geared toward the interests of our audience.


  1. Hey… I just did that. I love this site and have been getting good updates. Thanks always.


    1. We appreciate you taking the time to share, Vicky!


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