Netflix film ‘Tau’ will feature an evil smart house | Engadget

Source: Netflix film ‘Tau’ will feature an evil smart house

This is an interesting topic for a new movie.  Netflix is really make some advancements in its programming and I like the SCI-FI genre, so I am interested in seeing what they continue with over the coming years.  It’s always good to see an appearance by Gary Oldman in this type of flick as well.  While the title of the article first made me think that this movie was focused on the evil smart house, it seems like the villain here is actually a man who is capturing people and trapping them in a smart house running some type of smart AI.

Regardless of the actual plot, I am interested in seeing this film as we are beginning to see people question the idea of having smart homes, at least smart devices in their homes which could be used to monitor them without their consent.  This takes everything a step further, actually pitting human against AI.  Even worse, it pits human versus a home.  The director has quite a resume, having worked on Marvel films in the past, so I expect a lot out of this movie.

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