T-Mobile is deploying gigabit LTE technology to fight Verizon and AT&T | BGR

T-Mobile has made remarkable strides in the last three years. Back in 2014, its network languished almost depressingly far behind Verizon and AT&T, and consumers had to choose between cheap and…

Source: T-Mobile is deploying gigabit LTE technology to fight Verizon and AT&T – BGR

Gigabit LTE is coming to the masses, and it might be coming from a direction you were not expecting.  It appears that T-Mobile is the pioneer in this latest installment of the mobile connectivity battle.  My favorite aspect of this story is not necessarily in the specifics of the technology, or the impact among the big mobile data players.  What gets my attention is the new offerings of connectivity to the masses.  I know people who live out in areas with decent cellular data coverage, but horrible cable Internet and DSL offerings.  This type of connectivity means that the masses will have options for better service.  As more and more people get exposed to speeds like this, they will consume more and more services from companies like Netflix and Hulu.

The article does discuss that this technology depends not only on metal infrastructure, but also software advancements to help alleviate congestion on the networks.  This is something that all providers are having to look at, and it appears that LTE offers some benefits in this area.  I cannot speak for everyone, but I think T-Mobile is doing some good work here and pushing the competition to make the playing field more level for consumers.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts.


  1. I like the sound of gigabit mobile speeds, but seriously, do you think they are not going to apply some QoS to the network and slow down the data rate for video streaming? You just posted the other day about Verizon charging more to not throttle video. Does it matter how fast it gets if they keep throttling us?


  2. I absolutely think they will be throttling. However, the more bandwidth they make available, the less the throttling is necessary. I hope they will not impose needless compression or throttling until necessary. The fact is, it’s their network and they will do what they want. Until you or I start an ISP of our own, we are at their mercy. It sucks.


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