Kevin Rose Launches New Website – Interviews with authors, technologists, scientists…

I first learned of Kevin Rose (@kevinrose) from watching The Screen Savers on TechTV in the US.  Kevin is still a young man, but I remember seeing this really young kid along with so many other talented geeks telling us about technology news and showing us cool ways of hacking things and how to build great gaming rigs.  Kevin has always been someone that I looked up to and I love his entrepreneurial spirit.  I have followed him as he has moved on from TechTV and started new projects.  My favorite project of Kevin’s was  He has since moved on and Digg is just a shadow of it’s former glory.  However, back in the day, every geek started their morning by checking out Digg.  I am glad to see this reboot and I am very excited about what Kevin is putting out there for us now.  I have subscribed to the newsletter, and I suggest you do the same.  I have just finished reading over the first issue I was sent, and I am a huge fan.  I have talked before about Amber MacArthur (@ambermac), who also does a great weekly newsletter.  Kevin’s is once a month, so it is not overwhelming.  My favorite part is the section where he included the links he is clicking on.  That was one of my favorite things about Digg.  I visited to see what was new around the web.  The Internet is so big now, and it is hard to find interesting things.

Please take time to visit Kevin’s site.  Follow him on Twitter.  Sign up for the newsletter.

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