FitBit App Gallery to Arrive Soon

The FitBit App Gallery is almost here!

I received an exciting email this morning related to my FitBit Ionic.  I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the app gallery, FitBit’s answer to the app and game library required by smart devices.  The email, sent out to developers, states that developers now have access to upload their creations to the gallery.  The email further states that the app gallery should be available to users before the holidays, which I assume means sometime in December.  This is the time frame that things seemed to be pointing to all along.

Along with the news to developers regarding the submission of apps, there was also a note in the email revealing the next version of the Fitbit OS, version 1.1. I am excited to see what apps will be available soon and to see what features the new update brings, other than access to the app gallery.  I have been watching the Twitter hashtags, #fitbitdev and #madeforfitbit, and I am very excited to get my hands on some of the watch faces.  I have no idea what apps may come, but I know developers are working on some weather apps and other utilities.  I have seen some discussion from developers who are wanting to create websites that push and pull with the Fitbit API.  This is an exciting time for Fitbit owners.

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