GoFundMe drops 5 percent personal crowdfunding fee – The Verge

Source: GoFundMe drops 5 percent personal crowdfunding fee and adds optional donations – The Verge

This was welcomed news yesterday afternoon.  Our family is currently in the adoption process and we have looked at various avenues of fund-raising for the adoption and expected medical costs.  I was glad to see that GoFundMe has shifted its model for personal crowdfunding and added a new option for people to support the service by optionally giving a donation.  The 5% fee turned many people off of the service as they saw so much of their balance going to fund the service and not to their specific needs.

Well done, GoFundMe.  The company has stated that they will be watching closely to determine if this new model is successful.  So, I would suggest that you think of a campaign and try out the new model to help support and ensure that this continues.

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