Free Bitcoin Giveaway

Would you like some free Bitcoin?

I am going to give away $50USD worth of Bitcoin/Satoshi tonight at Midnight CST.  I will choose one member of our site at random.  The only requirement is that you follow us on Twitter @thegeekzweb and sign up for a free account at Geekz

NOTE – You must have a wallet that I can send funds to

This is a REAL give away.  I am even providing my Bitcoin address so you can verify that I have the funds to give away.  Please share this post on your social media channels.  I may have additional prizes for the person who brings the most new members to the site.  I would love for you to take time to read some articles or participate in the forums.  This is your chance to own some Bitcoin.

It appears that @travweav and others have made claims to give away Bitcoin with ill intent, so I want to give some of what I have away.  This is a very small token, but it is $50.00 free for nothing more than creating an account.  Please follow our Twitter and other social profiles.

My Bitcoin address:





  1. I’m not getting your intention. You said you are giving away, then why you put your wallet id? What will your audience do with it?


    1. With Bitcoin, you have the ability to check the balance of a wallet. I shared my wallet so people could see that I actually had Bitcoin in my wallet when I ran that contest. A couple days earlier, someone claimed to give away Bitcoin, but it came out that he had none in his wallet.


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