Career Advice: Degree vs Experience

I am often asked by people I meet in my travels about the benefits of a college degree and it’s value in the workplace.  To set the playing field, let me begin by telling you that every occupation is different, and so is every company.  None of what I am about to share can be […]

Data vs Insight: Which Do You Want?

I have many conversations with people on a regular basis regarding the collection, processing, and dissemination of data.  There are so many sources of data in our world today and each of these sources are so noisy and fighting for our constant attention.  From our smart watches to our enterprise systems, we have a need […]

Career Advice: What Is Your Value Proposition?

Today, I am beginning a series focused on offering career advice.  Taking someone’s advice on your career is a two-edged sword.  First, it is important to understand that every person’s goals in life are different and any advice offered will take the slant of that individual’s perspective.  Secondly, bear in mind that every successful person […]

The Trouble With Travel: Taxi from Hell

  Earlier this year, I flew in the San Antonio airport in Texas around supper time and I was exhausted.  The airport in Dallas was hot and chaotic and I was really tired from the day of usual travel issues with delayed flights and a long ride into the airport.  I had not eaten, so […]

Pandora Loses 7 Million Listeners - Slashdot

…a decline of more than 7 million listeners from the 81 million it had in the same quarter a year ago Source: Pandora Loses 7 Million Listeners | Slashdot It looks like Pandora is losing steam.  I am currently a Spotify subscriber, and I have been for a number of years now.  Spotify seems to be […]

It's official: T-Mobile-Sprint merger talks are over

Source: It’s official: T-Mobile-Sprint merger talks are over The T-Mobile/Sprint merger talks have ended.  It appears these two cellular giants just cannot come to terms and reach an agreement on who would have majority control of the combined company.  It appears to have been a mutual agreement to walk away and remain separate entities, but […]