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Bitcoin Bubble

Bitcoin BubbleBitcoin BTCUSD, +7.34%   is back on the rise after a rough first half to the year. The world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency today crossed another milestone in its comeback, as it regained $8,000 for the first time since May 23. Bitcoin is now within striking distance of its 200-day moving average.

Source: Bitcoin’s rise may bring back bubble calls — but this chart puts it all in perspective – MarketWatch

It appears that Bitcoin is seeing a bit of a rise today.  This is exciting news since the value dropped back at the end of May and many people have been claiming that the cryptocurrency has seen it’s heyday. I like to think that there is more to come and that Bitcoin will continue to rise. I say that as a person who has invested very little in the success of this or any other cryptocurrency.

I have dabbled with various cryptocurrencies over the last few years and I have mined some of the less successful cryptos.  I have bought Bitcoin in the past, but I have no significant investment. I am running a little social experiment today with the news of a surge by asking people to retweet a post and follow my Twitter account.  If you are interested in $25 worth of Bitcoin (BTC), you can check out the following link:

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