Travis Weaver to Give Away Bitcoin for Christmas

Well, it appears that one Travis Weaver (@TravWeav) has lost his mind over the holiday season and Bitcoin’s latest price surge.  Bitcoin is currently trading at just shy of $19,000 USD at the moment.  It is clear that this stunt has driven up the activity on his tweet, and his Twitter profile.  The question is, […]

The Trouble With Travel: Taxi from Hell

  Earlier this year, I flew in the San Antonio airport in Texas around supper time and I was exhausted.  The airport in Dallas was hot and chaotic and I was really tired from the day of usual travel issues with delayed flights and a long ride into the airport.  I had not eaten, so […]

Tales from the Crypt: Yes We Can

My wife reminded me recently, on our way to dinner, that I used to get sent out to some pretty interesting places to do some interesting work in the earlier days of my career. The first small IT company that I worked for is no longer in business, hopefully not due to my time there. […]

Fidgeting Never Felt So Good

​​ Amber MacArthur @ambermac mentioned fidget spinners in her newsletter today.  If you are not signed up for her weekly newsletter, you should do that.  I have been seeing advertisements for these spinners for about a month while I am browsing various sites.  I guess my interest was peaked as much as most, but I […]

Tales From the Crypt: WinPop Goes the Weasel

Those readers who have been around the technology field for a while are probably familiar with a Windows service that used to exist from 3.1 for Workgroups to Windows ME.  The service was called messenger service, and was used by system administrators to send alerts to users on a network.  I was first made aware […]

Tales From the Crypt: Clatter Over a Platter

In another episode from tales that were never meant to be told to the public, I will relate a story about sales guys…one in particular.  This sales professional, we’ll call him David, was a self-proclaimed geek with a highly technical background and more foundational technology experience than most in the office, as he explained.  He […]

Tales From the Crypt: Flying Bags of Silicone

At one time, I used to work for a medical billing company providing tech services.  I was one of the engineers who built the custom servers that our software ran on and I also provided support to any equipment customers owned and had a support agreement on, which was basically everything in the office.  Most […]

The Trouble With Travel: Flying and Failing

I’m starting a new series on travel.  As a software sales engineer covering the US Air Force, I have the “pleasure” of traveling frequently.  So many of the frustrations I endure on a regular basis have become normal for me and I often forget just how irritated many people would be in the same situations […]

Tales From the Crypt: Seal the Deal Over McDonalds

This story you are just not going to believe. It is true, however, and it was just as embarrassing as you might imagine for those of us who worked for little computer repair shop. We had been selling Netscreen firewalls to some of our customers, and it was lucrative for us as well and extremely […]