Understanding ELK: Elastic, Logstash, and Kibana - Part 1

  Useful links: pfSense Forum Topic (doesn’t seem to be maintained) I currently work for a big data company.  We take machine data, or digital exhaust, and turn it into searchable, intelligible, information for analytics and visualization.  As an vendor knows, there are always competitors whose names come up often in conversation.  One such competitor, Elastic, […]

Data vs Insight: Which Do You Want?

I have many conversations with people on a regular basis regarding the collection, processing, and dissemination of data.  There are so many sources of data in our world today and each of these sources are so noisy and fighting for our constant attention.  From our smart watches to our enterprise systems, we have a need […]

Voice Assistants and Smart Homes: Who's watching and listening?

I have been reading articles across the Web over the last few months pertaining to connected home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.  People are stirring up a range of emotions related to espionage and wiretapping.  It appears that everyone is concerned about willingly placing a wiretap in their home.  For a search giant, […]

pfSense Emerging Threat Rule Issues

I use pfSense for my firewall at home.  I log all of my events to my Splunk system, so I can visualize them and see what is really going on with my network.  I constantly watch my IDS logs (Snort), as I am interested in seeing what attacks are being attempted on my home network […]

Increased Surveillance: Breeding Ground for Innovation

Newsweek tells us that the U.K. Is asking for more surveillance assistance.  They want to peer into user data and to force vendors to provide backdoor access for law enforcement. What these people don’t get, or don’t care about, is that an open door for one group, regardless of how secure, can become an open […]

A Wholistic Approach to Network Fault and Performance Management

*Disclaimer: I work for a company in the big data space.  None of the comments to follow represent the company I work for or anyone other than my own personal views. I always do my best to leave product names and company names out of my posts.  First, because I don’t want to misrepresent them, […]