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We Need You to Share

We need you to share the word.  Visit and share a post or click on our social media pages and like or share.  The site and our following is growing, thanks to all of you who have taken the time to either engage in the community or share us with your circle of influence.  […]

Geekz Mastodon Instance Has Been Retired

I hate to say it, but it just isn’t something I expect to take off.  I was really hoping that Mastodon would be a project with the potential to change social networks as we know them, and it still might, but as of this week our Mastodon instance is offline and will remain so indefinitely. […]

Geekz Has Joined The Federation...Mastodon

Well, I bit the bullet tonight and turned an old server into a Mastodon instance. I am running on Docker, which would seem simple enough, yet this was more difficult than I imagined to set up. I am sure many people have tried and given up. There are a lot of pieces involved in the […]

Your Help is Appreciated

I wanted to take a moment again and thank everyone for your support of Geekz.  We have grown tremendously over the last couple of months.  I am stoked about the possibilities and the future discussions that will take place here, and separately on our social media accounts.  Please take time and like Geekz on Facebook, […]

New YouTube Channel and Intro

Our new YouTube channel is live.  Soon, we will be posting some video reviews and other things as they come along.  Please take a moment and subscribe to our channel so you can be aware of new uploads.

Site Design Complete

I have finished the design of the site and Infeel like the forums are well integrated. I really wanted to use PhpBB for the forums, but it just wasn’t flexible enough. I needed a tighter integration with the blog and I decided, based on the lack of forum activity, that the blog should be the […]