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Gluten and Dairy Free Trial

My wife and daughter have been considering a gluten-free diet to see if it would reduce general body inflammation in joints. I have had stomach issues since I was a child, and I have recently been told by my doctor to stay away from dairy products. Gluten can also play a role in some digestive […]

Adoption Technology

Wow!  These past couple of months have flown by due to an amazing update in my family’s personal life.  We have decided to adopt a child from China and the process is moving much faster than normal due to medical complications with our girl.  I will not go into the details here because it is […]

The Time Machine

  While playing a PC video game a few days ago, I happened to look out the window from my office into the front yard.  I happened to notice some people walking by with their dog on a leash.  I could not tell who was walking who at the time, but a thought entered my […]

This Is Why We Do It

​​​We all have things we enjoy and some of us invest some time and resources into hobbies of one sort or another. For my family, we enjoy martial arts. We train together as a family, and everyone except dad competes in regional and national tournaments. Spending a lot of time on the work with my […]

Tournament Geekery

This post combines a couple of my passions, martial arts and technology. This week my family is in Philadelphia for the Amerikick Internationals martial arts tournament.  Many of these martial arts tournaments are so far behind in technology, using paper to track competitions, scores, and places.  There are some new circuits developing more systems using […]

Martial Arts Mayhem - Amerikick Internationals 2017

Outside of being a geek, my other passion is martial arts. This week, my family traveled to Philadelphia to compete in another big tournament in our circuit, NASKA (North American Sports Karate Association). I was able to stop in DC today on the drive to Philly and show the kids the office I work of, even […]