Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Logitech Create Keyboard Portfolio Case Review

Check out my review of the Logitech Create Keyboard Portfolio Case on our YouTube channel. Links: Our YouTube channel –

FitBit Ionic - A Review

I have been interested in the FitBit Ionic since I heard @ambermac mention it on Twitter some time ago.  I decided to preorder one towards the end of September and it shipped to my door on September 26th. So far I have been pleased with it, however, there are some major factors that consumers need to […]

iMuto Battery Pack Review Video

This is the 20,000mAh battery pack that I reviewed back in March.  I wanted to do a video review as well.  I have added the link below to the original post and I will also go back and update the post with this video.  Please let me know in the comments if you found this […]

iMuto Has the Power You Need

I’m in DC for a meeting, and I am riding the metro downtown for some important meetings that will go on late into the afternoon. I constantly check the battery indicator on my Android phone noticing that it is quickly depleting. I pull from my laptop bag one of those small battery charging backs that […]

SleepyHead CPAP Monitoring Software

SleepyHead CPAP monitoring software was recommended to me through the CPAPTalk forums a few years ago.  For those who have the right brands of CPAP machines, this software can open a whole new world of understanding of your quality of sleep.  I have horrible sleep apnea, and it has been affecting my sleep for years.  Just recently, I […]