FriendCraft 1.20

Use the information below to get your system online and connected to FriendCraft.

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This is the Discord community for FriendCraft, your friendly Minecraft world. | 16 members
Since this world is starting with the Trails and Tales update we will be playing a blind seed to promote exploration. 

Current Mods/Tweaks

Xaero's World Map

Xaero's Mini Map


Just Enough Items


Traveler's Backpack

We would like to run this similar to the current season of Hermitcraft. By that I mean, many of us will build start houses in the area of spawn to enjoy early game together. Then anyone that wants to can branch out and build mega bases or their own farming districts whenever they are ready. Once we have been in the world to explore a bit we will decide on an area to be the shopping district so anyone that wants to can build shops and sell the things they are farming.
We have a Nether hub built with a portal near world spawn. Once you enter the Nether hub, you will find tunnels running in each cardinal direction across the Nether. Those main tunnels have branches going to other portals and to local Nether destinations. You are free to connect portals to the Nether hub branches. Once your Nether portal is created, you will want to go into the Nether and move the portal up to Y level 110 (where the main hub is located). You can then build a tunnel to one of the main halls for easy access from the hub.

Connection Instructions:

Install or verify that you already have Java 7 or higher



You will also need to download and install the Fabric client.  When you run this program, you will need to make sure that you choose to install the client.  This will update your Minecraft launcher to have the necessary files to setup a modded instance.

*****Before you proceed, it is important to create a Fabric instance at this point and start it.  You do not need to connect to a server yet.  Just start the instance and then kill it.  That will create the "mods" folder that will be needed for the next step.*****

You will need the mods.  I have grouped them together in a zip file to make it easier to download.  Once you have them pulled down, make sure you unzip and then copy into your minecraft mods directory.

The last thing you will need is the resource packs we are using to play.  There are a few resource packs that slightly add to the game play.  You can copy these into your resourcepacks folder.  Most of them should be self-explanatory.  

Once all of the files have been put in the proper place and your instance of Minecraft has been started, you will first want to go into the options and enable the resource packs that you copied into the instance.  They are disabled by default.  You will be looking for Resource Packs under the options menu.  The disabled resource packs will be on the left and you can click the button to shift them to the right (enabled).

Now, you will want to connect to the server for the first time to make sure everything is working and there are no mod issues.  You will add a new can name it FriendCraft, or whatever you want.

You will want to use the following in the hostname/address field:

The port will be 25566 (which is not the default port that you might be used to)

You can try connect at this point.  Please hit us up on our Discord if you have ANY issues.  We will help you get connected.  We typically join a Discord voice channel when we are playing, but that is not required.

Join the FriendCraft Discord Server!
This is the Discord community for FriendCraft, your friendly Minecraft world. | 16 members

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