Social Networks: Who's Winning?

Over the last month, I have mentioned some Facebook posts to my children and wife and been told that “none of the kids” are using Facebook anymore.  I am being told that they have moved on to Instagram and Snapchat.  It is true, within our house and our kids’ circle of friends that most of […]

Tales From the Crypt: Seal the Deal Over McDonalds

This story you are just not going to believe. It is true, however, and it was just as embarrassing as you might imagine for those of us who worked for little computer repair shop. We had been selling Netscreen firewalls to some of our customers, and it was lucrative for us as well and extremely […]

Apple Health and Sex

This is a website for geeks and geek culture, news, etc.  So, it is a little interesting to see an article with the word “sex” in the title.  Geeks don’t get girls, right?  Well, at least that what the jocks told us when they were in their prime.  Most of now see that our popular […]

New YouTube Channel and Intro

Our new YouTube channel is live.  Soon, we will be posting some video reviews and other things as they come along.  Please take a moment and subscribe to our channel so you can be aware of new uploads.

Internet Privacy and Net Neutrality Sensationalism

Let me start by saying that although I was not a fan of many of President Obama’s policies, or those of his administration, I actually was a fan of these rules protecting consumers from Internet service providers, or ISPs. However, there have been many sensationalist posts made by large news organizations down to small blogs. […]

Android Wear 2.0 Delays

Please take time to follow the link to the original article at the bottom of this post. The article from Techspot mentions delays to Android Wear 2.0.  I’ll let the author speak for himself on the material he shared, however, I wanted to share my thoughts on the delays.  First of all, I am not […]

Recommended Reading: Big Data Has to Make Sense to People

Nice article from LinkedIn on the merits of making big data understandable. Those of us who ho live in this world have so much more clarity. It is difficult sometimes to see that many people do not understand the value of their own data. Great points.

Recommended Reading: Hunt for the Ultimate Firewall

This is a great post on many of the opensource firewalls available on the Internet.  The one I have chosen is pfSense, although I have spent a good deal of time with IPFire and Smoothwall.  pfSense appeals to me because it is FreeBSD based which means good security in the distribution, and it has so […]

Tales From the Crypt: Dishing Out A Bad Deal

I entered the workforce at 19, prior to completing my undergraduate degree.  As a matter of fact, I would not end up completing my undergraduate degree until I was older and had a wife and 4 children.  Needless to say, without a degree or any relevant experience, I was not a prime candidate for any […]