Cutting the chord...Why are people doing it?

Source: eMarketer Lowers US TV Ad Spend Estimate Cord Cutting Accelerates   What cord you ask, well it’s the cord to their cable providers. According to eMarketer, a leading research firm out of New York, by the end of 2017, 22.2 million Americans will be cord cutters. That number is up 33% from 2016’s total of […]

Best Buy now lets you shop with Amazon Alexa | SlashGear

It seems that Amazon has become such a dominant force in the online shopping market that even big box retail stores are bending over backwards to cooperate with the company. Best Buy is the latest … Source: Best Buy now lets you shop with Amazon Alexa – SlashGear Best Buy now has a new skill […]

Voice Assistants and Smart Homes: Who's watching and listening?

I have been reading articles across the Web over the last few months pertaining to connected home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.  People are stirring up a range of emotions related to espionage and wiretapping.  It appears that everyone is concerned about willingly placing a wiretap in their home.  For a search giant, […]

All Your Drones Are Belong to Us

I am sure this thought has been shared elsewhere on the Internet, but a thought just hit me today. I never claimed to be a genius, but I feel like this thought should have crossed my mind long ago. I saw an article on a technology news site about delivery robots. This particular one in […]