Doors Open and Close For a Reason

Throughout my career, I have had opportunities to move in a direction that I thought was best for my career. I always carefully consider moves that I make in my career and make no decision until I am certain that the move makes sense and will set me up for better opportunities down the road. […]

Career Advice: Hoarding vs Helping

One subject I felt I really wanted to share on the subject of career advice is information hoarding. In my career I have seen all types of people with so many different personalities. One personality type that I have never worked well with is information hoarders. There are some people who feel their value is […]

Career Advice: Be Confident, Not Conceited

There are various schools of thought when it comes to how people want to be perceived in the workplace.  If you are too nice, then people might take advantage of you.  If you are too cruel, then no one will be able to work with you.  What is the right balance of attitude and personality […]

Career Advice: Degree vs Experience

I am often asked by people I meet in my travels about the benefits of a college degree and it’s value in the workplace.  To set the playing field, let me begin by telling you that every occupation is different, and so is every company.  None of what I am about to share can be […]

Career Advice: What Is Your Value Proposition?

Today, I am beginning a series focused on offering career advice.  Taking someone’s advice on your career is a two-edged sword.  First, it is important to understand that every person’s goals in life are different and any advice offered will take the slant of that individual’s perspective.  Secondly, bear in mind that every successful person […]

Workey launches ‘Tinder for recruitment’ | TechCrunch

“I’m a millennial, we did something bad to the HR market,” says Ben Reuveni, co-founder and CEO of Israeli career development and recruitment startup Workey. Part confessional,… Source: Workey launches ‘Tinder for recruitment’ | TechCrunch This is an interesting little startup focused on helping people find new careers.  It uses a chatbot to discover the […]

Tales from the Crypt: Yes We Can

My wife reminded me recently, on our way to dinner, that I used to get sent out to some pretty interesting places to do some interesting work in the earlier days of my career. The first small IT company that I worked for is no longer in business, hopefully not due to my time there. […]

Google launching a jobs search engine in the U.S. | TechCrunch

This is interesting news. I’ll admit that I have been a fan of Google since their debut. Once Google entered the scene, it became my defacto search engine and I have never looked back. Clearly, they are the company to beat. I have to believe that Google will provide the most comprehensive jobs database of […]

It Is Who You Know

My path has been very different than I imagined it would be.  I expected to climb slowly up the corporate ladder in IT and eventually manage a large team at a company like Google or Microsoft.  Living in Alabama, the chance of getting a job at a company like that is rare.  However, I have […]