Fitbit is having a bad day | TechCrunch

Fitbit is, again, not having a good day after spending the year in mostly middling status as it looks to prove there’s a market for fitness trackers and its own smartwatch. The culprit today:… Source: Fitbit is having a bad day | TechCrunch Fitbit received a sell rating from a Wallstreet firm.  This, as usual […]

Apple Watch Series 3 for $25 | CNET

Watch a $25 Apple Watch Series 3? Well, there is a catch, but if you are looking for a cheap term life policy (beginning at $15/mo) and you exercise daily, then you can earn yourself a nice new smart watch from John Hancock.  

Apple Watch Sales Strong Amid FUD

Sales of the Apple Watch have nearly doubled year over year, CEO Tim Cook announced on the company’s earnings call… I understand that Apple is refusing to release Apple Watch specific sales information, but Tim is clearly stating that he believes the Apple Watch is selling well at this time.  I wouldn’t expect them to […]

Angry Spouse-o-meter

This article speaks to an experiment being conducted by USC in which wearable technology and machine learning are being used together to detect when conflicts arise within a couple’s relationship.  At this point, they are gathering data and not forcing environmental elements in order to make a conflict arise, but as you can imagine, there […]