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Deco X60 WiFi 6 Upgrade

Overview I recently upgraded my home wireless network to the new WiFi 6 specification by deploying the TP-Link Deco X60. Like so many others, I…

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A VLAN for IOT Devices

I have been considering ways to segment the traffic from IOT devices on my network. This post will detail and document my efforts as I employ VLANs for IOT devices.

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Vulnerability Management At Home

Recent articles have relayed security vulnerabilities and factual exploitations of those vulnerabilities in home security systems allowing hackers to speak to those in your home. You might also have financial management software or, possibly, work information on your home network. This is especially true for those who work from home. It is your responsibility to protect your assets.

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This article from ZDNet goes into a lot of detail surrounding events over the last couple of years where IOT devices have been used for…

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