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The Trouble With Travel: Hotel WiFi

As I have mentioned previously, I travel a lot for work as a sales engineer.  I am all over the US visiting customers and most of my stays are at least one night, if not for close to a week.  That means I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and working on both […]

Voice Assistants and Smart Homes: Who's watching and listening?

I have been reading articles across the Web over the last few months pertaining to connected home assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.  People are stirring up a range of emotions related to espionage and wiretapping.  It appears that everyone is concerned about willingly placing a wiretap in their home.  For a search giant, […]

Navy collisions: Could hackers have played a part | USA Today

USA Today article It is interesting to me that people doubt hackers could have played a part in these accidents. It’s not that it’s probable, but that it is extremely possible due to the nature of the navigation systems in use by the Navy today. As has been said for years, these problems will only […]

An Instagram hack hit millions | The Verge

The Verge – Instagram Hack Article It looks like another social media platform has been hacked yet again. This time millions of phone numbers and private information were stolen. Originally, Instagram noted that this hack only affected owners of verified accounts. Later this statement was amended to include regular accounts as well. According to the […]


This article from ZDNet goes into a lot of detail surrounding events over the last couple of years where IOT devices have been used for many nefarious purposes. Many people see IOT as a thing of the future. If their refrigerator is not connected to the Internet, then surely they are not using IOT devices. […]

Two-factor security is so broken, now hackers can drain bank accounts | ZDNet

Thank you, ZDNet, for bringing this article to my attention. It appears that this flaw has existed for some time, regardless of the fact that many banks and other services still use cellular networks to provide two-factor authentication codes. I would advise that you speak to your financial institution to see what their plans are […]

Autowall - Firewall for the Car

The more and more posts I read about self-driving cars make my mind whirl with ideas, concerns, and possibilities. Over the years technological advances have taken the automobile from a purely mechanical object, to a very computerized object. Automobiles today have computers which help keep the engine tuned properly and to provide the highest level […]

All Your Drones Are Belong to Us

I am sure this thought has been shared elsewhere on the Internet, but a thought just hit me today. I never claimed to be a genius, but I feel like this thought should have crossed my mind long ago. I saw an article on a technology news site about delivery robots. This particular one in […]

Recommended Reading: Hunt for the Ultimate Firewall

This is a great post on many of the opensource firewalls available on the Internet.  The one I have chosen is pfSense, although I have spent a good deal of time with IPFire and Smoothwall.  pfSense appeals to me because it is FreeBSD based which means good security in the distribution, and it has so […]

Tales From the Crypt: IT Priveleges

This story really falls under security and business as it is a story from my past and ultimately shows the lack of security concern showed by the IT staff at my company. This incident occurred when I was working for one of the largest banks in the nation, however, I am not pinning the blame […]