The Trouble With Travel: Hotel WiFi

As I have mentioned previously, I travel a lot for work as a sales engineer.  I am all over the US visiting customers and most of my stays are at least one night, if not for close to a week.  That means I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and working on both […]

The Trouble With Travel: Taxi from Hell

  Earlier this year, I flew in the San Antonio airport in Texas around supper time and I was exhausted.  The airport in Dallas was hot and chaotic and I was really tired from the day of usual travel issues with delayed flights and a long ride into the airport.  I had not eaten, so […]

American Airlines Begins Selling Adult Lap Tickets

Well, maybe American Airlines is not considering tickets to ride in other adults laps, but they might as well be.  If you have flown recently, you are aware that the economy class does not have 2 inches of spare room to remove.  I see many, not just a few, inconvenienced tall people on every flight […]

The Trouble With Travel: First Class Foolery

The airlines have been in the news lately after United dragged a paying customer off of a plane earlier this month.  After many conversations and have pondered the situation myself, I believe that both United and the passenger were at fault.  However, I think that the issue was caused by horrible business practices at United. […]

Ride Sharing With Okbay

  Okbay was my Lyft driver from the Nashville airport to my hotel in Nashville tonight where I am rendezvousing with my family enroute to a karate tournament in Madisonville, KY.  When Okbay pulled up the Ride Share lane at the airport, I noticed that he had an unlit sign for Uber on his dash […]

The Trouble With Travel: Not So Home Sweet Home

I often find myself telling customers and coworkers at the end of a long day that I am heading back home for the night to catch up on emails.  It hits me every time I say this that I am certainly not heading to a place that feels like home. Don’t get me wrong, I […]

iMuto Battery Pack Review Video

This is the 20,000mAh battery pack that I reviewed back in March.  I wanted to do a video review as well.  I have added the link below to the original post and I will also go back and update the post with this video.  Please let me know in the comments if you found this […]

Martial Arts Mayhem - Amerikick Internationals 2017

Outside of being a geek, my other passion is martial arts. This week, my family traveled to Philadelphia to compete in another big tournament in our circuit, NASKA (North American Sports Karate Association). I was able to stop in DC today on the drive to Philly and show the kids the office I work of, even […]