Travis Weaver to Give Away Bitcoin for Christmas

Well, it appears that one Travis Weaver (@TravWeav) has lost his mind over the holiday season and Bitcoin’s latest price surge.  Bitcoin is currently trading at just shy of $19,000 USD at the moment.  It is clear that this stunt has driven up the activity on his tweet, and his Twitter profile.  The question is, […]

Mastodon: Twitter Killer

I don’t know if Mastodon will actually replace or overtake Twitter at some point, but it is making a stir right now. At this time, it appears to be mostly geeks and people of Asia using the service.  Today, I decided to create an account on the decentralized service to get a feel for the […]

Social Networks: Who's Winning?

Over the last month, I have mentioned some Facebook posts to my children and wife and been told that “none of the kids” are using Facebook anymore.  I am being told that they have moved on to Instagram and Snapchat.  It is true, within our house and our kids’ circle of friends that most of […]