User Content Submission

We want your voice to be heard and we want valuable content for our readers.  Therefore, we have made user submission possible through the following mechanism.  We do not (yet) pay for posts submitted by users, but we do allow you the freedom to advertise yourself and other venues where people can see your content, such as a personal website or another site where you post content for free or paid.  Our goal here is to allow our readers to help us get great content and to promote themselves.  We figure this is a little trade off.  Requirements for a submission to be considered:

  1. Original content – You can share a news article, but I want to see your opinion and some actual content to go along with the shared article
  2. No Plagiarism – If the post is recycled, see requirement 1.
  3. The post content should include some pictures and at least 200 words, minimum.Image result for author
  4. No excessive advertisement.  You will be able to share personal URLs and links to site where more of your posts can be found, but you may not use the post to spam our readers.
  5. Categorize when categories are available, otherwise, use uncategorized category

Note – Please send a bio, so I can include this with your submission.  You can either add this to the end of your post content, or you can email it to me at [email protected] and reference the title of your submitted content.

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