Williams' Minecraft Server

Williams' Minecraft Server

Welcome to Minecraft with the Williams' family.  If you would like to play along with us, please follow this guide (works with Microsoft and Mojang accounts):

Install the Minecraft launcher and Forge client mod

1) Download and install Minecraft launcher

2) After installing the Minecraft launcher, download and install the Forge client.  Accept all the default options.

3) Open the Minecraft launcher and click on Installations

4) The mod files can be downloaded here.  A compressed version is located here so you don't have to download them all individually.

5) On the Installations tab, you can hover over the forge installation and click on the folder icon to open a folder where you can place your mod files.  Make sure you decompress the zip file and place all the mod .jar files in the folder.

Now, you should be able to go to Installations, hover over the forge modded 1.12.2 installation and click play.

Add the Williams' family server

When you click on play, the Java client will open and you will see a bunch of mods get loaded.  Then you should see this screen:

1) Click on Multiplayer

2) Click on Add Server

3) Name your server whatever you want

4) Server address will be either home.geekzweb.com or

You should now be able to double-click on the server and join!